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The 2016 Artful Business Conference

  The Artful Business Conference is only THREE weeks away. Why is this important, you say? Well, you know how I said after my review of last year’s conference that I thought it might be life-changing but I’d let you know?   I’m pretty sure it was.   Thanks to Karen Gunton, I’ve found my ‘thing’…. Read more »

Small biz how-to : Should I have a blog for my business?

{keyboard – kathleenstephens on society6}   OK, so you have an online business on Etsy. You’re in the forums regularly, asking questions and commenting to learn and also to be seen; you’re spending hours keeping up on Pinterest/Facebook/Instagram/whatever, posting new work to spread your visibility around the web; you’re checking out other people’s blogs to see… Read more »

Etsy : Is it on the slippery slope from handmade to manufacture?

 {all images are linked to their respective shops} There has been been a debate raging ever since Etsy decided to change its policies on what constituted ‘handmade’ late last year. Those policies now allow designers and makers to outsource a substantial amount of what they do to manufacturers. On the surface, that means that Etsy sellers… Read more »