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Inspiring : Emily Julstrom {surface design}

emily julstrom - magenta flowers

Emily Julstrom says it’s good to get as many terrible ideas off your chest as possible so you can get to something interesting. I think she must have done an awful lot of work, because what I see is utter skill and total clarity of vision. I first came across some of Emily’s surface designs on Pinterest (oh yes! I… Read more »

How to Color Patterns in Illustrator

(How to Color Patterns in Illustrator: Guest post by Sew Heidi. We’ve been working on colour this month, so I thought this would be a fitting one to finish with! Heidi always writes such great posts, and this is no exception. Enjoy.) I’ve watched many designers fight through the process of recoloring seamless repeating patterns. They’ll… Read more »

Inspiring : Ben Conservato {illustration}

  “I did struggle with taking photos at first; for someone who studied photography, it kind of baffled me that I couldn’t get it right.” So says Sydney-based Emma Kidd, artist, illustrator, printmaker, zine maker, and photographer, and the face behind Ben Conservato. She thinks she’s figured it out though – “Plain old white background and… Read more »