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Food : fantastic lemon almond tart

 {More of Siya’s work + interview is here}   You know the old saying “When life gives you lemons…” ? Today I am making my favourite lemon tart. Why? Well, one of the wheels fell off my car yesterday. I mean LITERALLY FELL OFF. Car was heading north and wheel decided to head west.  … Read more »

Food : chick pea bites

{sorry, no pretty picture today – you’ll just have to take my word for it!}   These delectable little things are a variation on a childhood favourite. Essentially, they are vegetarian patties made from pulses mixed with peanut paste, tomato and onion, formed into small parcels and shallow-fried, and my brother and I used to… Read more »

Food : Danish apple cake

  Years ago when we had a telly, my partner and I used to love watching the Two Fat Ladies. They were fabulously entertaining as cooks and personalities – boisterous, loud, and very opinionated. As for their food – it was glorious. Their favourite ingredient was butter – and they were also rather fond of… Read more »