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Inspiring : Doll Disaster Design

Doll Disaster Design : Jewellery Tessa Rickard collects antique, broken doll parts and heads, and is incessantly drawn to all the strange objects that time has forgotten about. It was what prompted her business name; her Masters thesis was called “From The Mind Of A Doll Disaster”. Her work – part jewellery, part sculpture – is endlessly intriguing. Sometimes provocative, sometimes… Read more »

Hot or not : cactus

OK OK OK. Well I reckon that if I’ve got a Pinterest board called “Love a good succulent“, than you can safely assume that hey, I don’t mind the odd cactus. The shapes and colours are pretty incredible – I love their chunkiness, their strange shapes and their spectacular flowers. (Go on, check out my… Read more »

The crafted object : Elsa Mora ~ papercuts

I admit it; I have been stalking the eminently admirable Elsa Mora for a few years now. Not only does she make fabulously sculptural papercuts, but her art extends into every facet of her life – she is also a drawer, a painter, a photographer, a maker of books and a storyteller. Even her site… Read more »