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The best of 2014

Oh. My. Goodness. There goes another year….. in all its chaotic, mind-bending glory. Disappointments, epiphanies, and serious amounts of hard slog. I’m older and wiser. And clearer on what I need to do. And that’s awesomeness right there, even though I didn’t achieve everything I set out to do.  Make sure you take stock of… Read more »

Inspiring : karoArt {ceramics}

“Karolina Grudniewska discovered ceramics almost by accident. It all began one Christmas when she found two bags of clay under the Xmas Tree… and once she started playing with it she could not stop.” So begins karoArt’s introduction to her Etsy shop.       Karolina (Karo) moved from Poland to Ireland after a convoluted career… Read more »

Inspiring : INAE {Laura Hewitt ceramics}

Laura Hewitt started her career in arts as a sculptor in mixed media. When people asked her about her work, she said she often heard herself answer, “Well, it’s not anything, exactly.” And thus, It’s Not Anything Exactly {INAE} Enterprises was born.     Laura’s ceramics are an otherworldly hybrid of organic and machine, mysterious and… Read more »