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Inspiring : Ruchika {ceramics}

    Ceramicist Ruchika Madan learnt to say no the hard way, but it was one of the best realizations she ever had. “I was initially so eager for work, I found it very hard to refuse projects that I didn’t want to do, or wholesale production orders. “Eventually I figured out that if I just… Read more »

Inspiring : Whimsy Milieu {craft}

  Jacqueline Chan finds inspiration everywhere, from the curiosities of the natural world to delectable French patisserie and everything in between. Wooden rings with painted diamonds, colourful leather concoctions of necklaces with names like “Sweet Success” and “Intense Euphoria”, illustrations of dogs and sharks and pouches with handprinted abstract patterns all find their way into her repertoire…. Read more »

Inspiring : Anny Schoo Clothing

Trying to choose my favourite piece of clothing from Anny Schoo is an impossible task – it’s all those flowing lines and classic shapes reinvented in crispy natural linen – not to mention the delicious choice of colours to be combined at whim…     Her aim is to make simple, comfy clothing, and loves the… Read more »