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Inspiring: Elly MacKay, TheaterClouds

I can’t get over how delicate and lovely these images are from Elly Mackay, the artist behind theaterclouds. They glow like warm memories of childhood, viewed through a magical peephole.     Elly is part craftsperson, part theatre-designer, and part photographer. She has been fascinated with tunnel books (books with consecutive cut-out pages that you… Read more »

Inspiration : Laurie Poast {ceramics}

Laurie Poast grew up in a little farming village in Wisconsin, dreaming of the far-off places of her ancestors and pondering the magic of craftsmanship in the workshop of her father, the master luthier Ron Poast. It was the architecture of her heritage in particular that captured her imagination – Norwegian, German, English – and all its forms that resonate with… Read more »

Inspiration : MeanderWorks {Marilyn Brogan, jeweller}

Marilyn Brogan’s jewellery exudes peace and beauty – her gentle lines put me in mind of clouds drifting by in a bright blue sky. Perhaps it’s a result of the workspace that she has surrounded herself with – a sun-filled rooftop studio with displays of cacti and succulents and other small collections of rocks, shells and tree debris gathered from… Read more »