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Inspiring: Barbara Gilhooly {maker/artist}

Barbara Gilhooly’s work is seductive in its multilayered colours, its bright patterns and flowers, its hints of mid-century style. And she amazes with her variety of mediums and breadth of skill – painting, printmaking, wire and wood sculpture, just to name a few …     Rich with layers and lines and beautiful, beautiful, delicious colour, her… Read more »

Inspiration : MonicaJ {crochet}

MonicaJ   Monica Johnson’s friend Jennifer used to visit her house regularly. “She saw me creating paintings one at a time, and stacking them in a corner; creating more and stacking them in a corner. And one day she asked me, what are you planning to do with all these paintings Monica? And I said, well I… Read more »

Inspiration : Zero Pumpkin {Pauline Teng – plushies}

The creatures of Zero Pumpkin Land live in the dark corners of Under-Your-Bed and Inside-Your-Closet, only venturing out to reveal their true selves at night. If you manage to catch one they will swear to be your friend and promise you kisses, but only for so long as you stare them in the eyes. As soon as… Read more »