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Unfortunately, I’m no longer accepting advertising or sponsored posts. However, if you’re an indie creative biz, and you’ve got a burning desire to share some amazing information with the world that’s relevant to my readership (who are indie women in biz, just like you), let’s talk! I’d love to have you as a guest poster.


Hi, I’m Julie!

You can find me all over the interwebs
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Julie Gibbons
1144 Marrar South Rd
Marrar, NSW, 2652

4 Responses to “contact me”

  1. Lori

    I just wanted to say how much I love Tractorgirl. I’ve bought 3 X cushions, a small tote and a larger red velvet tote, all of which not only look amazing and original, but easily survive daily usage and still look great, even after 2+ years later! They even still look amazing after my family has thrown the cushions about and used them to build cubbies (the most fashionable cubbies that is!) My red velvet bag is the ONLY bag I use in winter and I get comments on it always. Love red velvet, Love Tractorgirl.

    • tractorgirl

      oh Lori! thank you so much for your very lovely words. It’s feedback like this that really makes my day, bigtime XXX 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Julianne

    Hi Julie, i just wanted to say ‘hi’ as i was reading one of my friends’ blogs, Esther Cox…and you had featured her (great post)….we are fellow ABSPD (art & business of surface pattern design) graduates…the funny thing is i am from Wagga too! (think i may have met you years ago at a ‘muddi market’)…what a small world! Love your blog. Julianne 🙂


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